It´s time for a blog!

This is my first post onto a blog. I wondered many times about the opportunity of creating one. And now I have the feeling that it´s the right time to do it.

Reasons are all and none at once but specially the reality of the social memory these days. The confusion of the words reminds me so much the explanation, right or wrong, that I was given when teenager about dialectic resulting on the collapse of a unique era of amazing mastering of Philosophy that I can´t but foresee the coming years as the dusk of another marvelous time in history.

It´s time for a blog… Yes, definitively it is. Might be for nothing, might be simply to put together tears and anger using a binary code. Might be with the sole aim of giving testimony… testimony about another time in history  where people fought for ideas and freedom now already gone.

Prague, 2011

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