Universes running in parallel…

Universes running in parallel

It shouldn’t be this blog about personal private issues. At least it wasn’t my aim when I created it few days ago. But I’ve the feeling that I couldn’t go ahead not sharing with you my deepest concern, my toughest debate since life pushed me out of paradise.

Parallel universes!… A way of saying… Truth, unique in essence, is linked to reality… that appears multiple and changeable not only as a mix of facts and imagination but memories, feelings and interpretations, building all together individual realities that confronted with the others’ clash breaking into pieces the meaning of the word itself.

That’s my conflict and that’s why I’m fully convinced that absolute truth can’t be understood but beyond facts and words. So I do not intent to go through that, through it, but just to share with you my world, my universe, running parallel to yours…

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