International Criminal Court

If I had to mention whether one idea or the name of an institution whose meaning has been pushed far beyond its original sense this is the International Criminal Court.

Born in the repugnance at the horror of the genocide brought for first time to our homeland Europe by Adolf Hitler this organization was created to fight war crimes late in the nineties and it was considered by myself as by many other people as a decided step towards the ultimate level of coexistence, democracy and peace.

Some ten years later I’m not sure if my anger is boosted by the misuse of this organization as another tool on geopolitics or by the fact that my dream has been broken. An institution where accusers and accused should be sit one next to the other. An institution pretending to be judging former allies; the ones our politicians raised to the power then trained on the use of repressive techniques and of course to whom they provided great financial support to enhance their arsenals and military capabilities.  Then after a change on the strategy chased and showed as what they are, criminals, useless for Western superpowers now on.

I’d like to believe that Carla del Ponte’s pride is to have at least those criminals prosecuted. Even being late. Even being just a few of them. But I see no real commitment to sit all of them at The Hague court, neither to have them sued on time. Worthless to talk about NATO and war in the Balkans. Or about her findings in Kosovo and Albania clashing with French diplomacy. She ever chose to accuse the executors of those horrible crimes whilst shaking the hands of the true criminal minds. I wish I could trust on her and on the assignment she got from such said International Crime Court but I can’t.

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