Importing Totalitarianism

We are losing this war and we know it! Democracy is gone. Likely for ever. I am not talking about changing the world – a romantic vision so frequently misused – but about Europe and about U.S. About a terrible trend we are witnessing these days and as for many other topics we are not reacting to. We might talk here about our role in most of the conflicts around the world, about our unbalanced trade agreements or even about our own social unbalance or unequal wealth distribution. But what I am referring here to is the alarming trend of importing totalitarianism to our already weak democracies.

Two notorious examples these days: In Europe, Angela Merkel hunt for a journalist on behalf of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In United States, Obama not disclosing 28 pages of a relevant report on 9/11 following the request of the House of Saud. In both cases what is worrisome is not the diplomatic deals or the strategic interests of Governments and Leaders. What is really dangerous is that our so called Leaders are ready to import totalitarianism to our democracies. Angela might have used her power and connections to put some pressure on that journalist – we won’t be surprised as connivance and confrontation between the media and the politicians is our bread and butter – but she accepted to run a trial against him instead. A trial because of an opinion! In Europe in the XXI century! Obama might have passed some regulation to avoid juridical actions against the Arabian partner but he should have disclosed the documents definitively. But both have chosen to accept the ruling manners of the dictators. They have decided to act against values of our democracies in most of the cases core of our national constitutions. In other words they have decided to import totalitarianism.

And this is just the beginning. It is not only the control of our economies by supranational entities. It is not the impoverishment of our work force. It is not even the shameful war in Syria and the intentionally directed refugee crisis. It is the core of our democracies that is being attacked. And let me insist here, it is not a thread anymore but an attack! Access to information, free press, independent juridical systems and all those core values of our modern society, those that flourished in Paris in 1789 and that have brought the most amazing period of knowledge, wealth and freedom to Europe and America for the last two hundred years. I do not know what those ruling elites have in mind but I wonder by when we will start deporting our own citizens to be judged and imprisoned by dictatorial regimes because of their thoughts, by when secret services of third countries will freely operate in our territories to “protect their interests”, by when there will be no more voting and no political debate, by when we will re-enter the Dark Ages.

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